• Meet your sustainability goals

    For cities, municipalities and marinas who need solutions to meet their sustainability goals, Oneness is a company that offers effective solution to cleanup the water. Unlike regular cleanup boats, Oneness provides an high quality services with their eco-friendly products and focus on the result and not just selling the products.

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Our key benefits

Top Services

We deliver a high quality services


We have an excellent coverage of 85%


Our boats are full-electric & hybrid


We have a dynamic team who is concerned about the environment


We collect waste, oil spill & natural debris


We respect marine lives


We can access into any difficult or tiny areas


We are involving people with our Cleanup events

About us

Oneness is an eco-friendly water cleaning Services Company that was established in 2016. Oneness is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Oneness is an agile, ambitious, collaborative and forward-thinking startup that specializes in water clean-up services by assisting cities, marinas and municipalities to meet their sustainability goals for the betterment of the environment with their …..

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  • 2-D: Manager of Boat show Fort Lauderdale and Miami

    “I’m facing this problem and we need to do it ourselves with a manner very primitive, I am very interested about the concept since the city and media are behind pollution they even hold me responsible and I need a solution to this issue”



Billions of litter (each year)
Oil spills (tons each year)
Plastic waste (tons)
Toxic Waste (millions)

Meet Our Team

Latest News

Behind the scene…

Our team is working hard to get our first Jellyfishbot ready Next week we will have a video to show our progress Stay tuned!

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The Friends Cleanup + Celebration – 2016 International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Day

A successful event last Saturday 17th Last Saturday  the Friends were hosting a shoreline/parkland cleanup at Oleta River State Park as part of the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup Day. Local area cleanups were being overseen by VolunteerCleanup.org . More than 175 volunteers came and we collected 436lbs of litter trash + recyclables!An amazing work done thanks to all …..

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Founder Institute Florida-My experience

Fort Lauderdale-Boca Raton-Winter 2015-2016, Chapter 1: Closed The resume of this chapter: My experience at the Founder Institute (http://fi.co/) Let’s start with a flashback (3, 5 month ago) Read more

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