About us

Our Startup company:

Oneness is the solution for cities and marinas to meet their sustainability goals for water clean-up, with our proprietary line of green boats

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Who we are?

A dynamic Startup Aims To Eradicate Water Pollution in The U.S.

We are based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Our company was started by a group of experienced individuals with an aim to end the U.S. water pollution. With the Miami Beach City Commission recently passing a resolution to make Miami Beach the greenest city in America, awareness is finally being raised amongst the general public regarding environment protection. Allegedly, We intended to use smart green cleaning technology for pursuing water cleanup in every U.S. city that is close to water.

In this endeavor to start effective U.S. water cleanup, we have developed a line of green cleaning technology. our company currently boasts three working models that are called the Jellyfishbot, the Manatee Maid and the Dolphin Maid.

The Jellyfishbot:

This product is stated to be a remote controlled robot that is created to access small areas in marinas, i.e. in between boats. The robot is able to collect semi-floating and floating waste.


The Manatee Maid:

The Manatee Maid is a small green boat that is a propulsion hybrid. Ideal for beaches and waterways, the boat has been designed to collect hydrocarbon and semi-floating/floating waste also.

The Dolphin Maid:

This small boat is stated to be fully electric/ pollution free. It is meant for hydrocarbon collection and waste collection in marinas, waterways and difficult to access areas like mangroves.


Our team includes experts in naval engineering and architecture. With our green water cleaning technology, we aim to pursue our passion with full force. We want all U.S. marinas and waterways to be pollution free. With our innovative technology and industry experience, we have got just what it takes.

Our mission:

We want to have oneness in every city close to the water to make water pollution a thing of the past

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